Thinking into Results is a premier coaching program, brought to you for the first time in Singapore by Jasrin Singh.

This 24 week structured program is the ultimate tool for success in life and in business.

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At EIKAA, It is our belief, that all leadership development starts at the individual level. Our premise is that Personal mastery is a pre-requisite to lead others.

All our Executive and Leadership Coaching programs are designed such that individual leaders go through a period of understanding and leading self, using various consultative methods and tools. This includes personal coaching, assessments and reflective and introspective work by the leader.

We create customized leadership and executive coaching solutions for individuals and teams after understanding individual and organizational needs and requirements. We use the ICF codes of ethics and  rely on frameworks and tools developed by Barrett Values Centre (U.K.) and the Proctor Gallagher Institute (U.S.A) which include:

  • The Leadership Paradigm (BVC)
  • Values Driven Leadership (BVC)
  • Thinking Into Results (PGI)
  • International Coach Academy – Certified Coach Program

Target Audience – Individuals, Leaders at all levels of management

  • Develop your capacity to manage your internal stability and external equilibrium
  • To make choices and decisions that support you in meeting your needs – ego, body, soul
  • Understand what you require to get personal and professional fulfillment and become the best version of you
  • Understand your strengths and/ or potential limitations
  • Understand your key motivators and drivers
  • A checklist of actions to support your evolutionary journey
  • Understand what others think of you via feedback mechanism

To have a discussion about your Leadership Development and Leadership Coaching requirements, please contact us at or call +65 90668234


Why do we need Life Coaching and Personal Development ?

The roots of personal development lie in ancient Spiritual traditions. As our awareness levels develop, we realise how closely our external world and circumstances are related to our internal worls – Our thought patterns and our emotions.


The purpose of Life Coaching and Personal Development is to take complete responsibility for ourselves, understand our own mind and emotions, and then work towards the kind of life, we truly want and deserve.

Some of the areas we cover in Life Coaching and Personal Development Coaching

  1. Where are you currently in life?
  2. Where do you want to go?
  3. What are your wants and desires?
  4. What makes you happy and what would make you happier?
  5. What is your primary life purpose?
  6. How are your thoughts and emotions creating blocks in your life?
  7. What are your empowering and disempowering belief systems?
  8. How can you bring about transformation in any area of your life that is not going well?
  9. What traumas have you suppressed in your mental and emotional body?
  10. What needs to heal in order for you to have a truly fulfilling and joyful life?
  11. What kind of relationships do you have and what kind of relationships would you like to have ?
  12. What is your self-image?

What can you expect at the end of the Life Coaching engagement?

  1. A happier, more fulfilled life
  2. An expanded awareness, bringing you greater success in all areas of your life
  3. An understanding of your life purpose
  4. Better self-esteem/ Self image
  5. Healthier interpersonal relationships
  6. Removal of toxic relationships, situations from your life
  7. Attracting the right partner, right work into your life
  8. Greater joy and peace of mind

Depending on your personal needs, Jasrin uses a range of techniques, to formulate a personal development and coaching plan that’s right for you.

Personal development does not occur overnight and needs a minimum commitment period of 6 months to have an impact.